How to select waterproof outdoor solar junction box?


Waterproof outdoor solar junction box has widely used in a variety of industries,such as outdoor lighting and displays, shipbuilding and new energy automotive etc. Because of its reliable structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low price, the market share of waterproof outdoor solar junction box has increased continually. In order to facilitate users,the following information is for your reference.
The control section to note: high impedance weak signal circuit wiring should be as short as sampling the feedback loop when handling to avoid their interference, current sampling signal circuits, especially current control circuits, easy to deal with some unexpected bad accident. Common metal coating, in particular tin or tin alloy – whose surfaces are covered with a natural oxide film. Tin Contact Plating use, because it can easily be destroyed in the oxide layer with time, so that the metal contacts are likely to be established.
When measuring lead resistance, gently shake the best in both vertical and horizontal directions lead to improve the accuracy of measurement, bearing in mind that for most wire wiring board, the rear end of the rod should multimeter wiring board is inserted, but for output a capacitor may generally be close to two rectifier output should be close to the other terminals, can affect the power output ripple specifications, two small-capacity capacitors in parallel with the effect should be better than a large-capacity capacitor.
Heating devices and electrolytic capacitors to maintain a certain distance, to extend machine life, electrolytic capacitors switching power supply life bottle strength, such as transformers, power transistors, power resistors and electrolysis to keep a distance, it must be set aside space for heat dissipation between electrolysis , conditions permitting, it can be placed in the inlet. As the line can block or suppress the spring by pushing a screwdriver, into the line, release the spring, the spring return pull the wire tightly pressed to produce sufficient contact pressure, and then strangled with a spring wire cutting edge, so it does not loosen or pull out artificially.
Wiring board is to facilitate wire connection and application, it is actually a period of closure in insulating plastic inside the metal sheet, both ends of the wire can be inserted into the hole, with screw for tightening or loosening, such as two wires, sometimes need to be connected, sometimes you need to disconnect, this matter can be terminal to connect them, and can be disconnected at any time, without having to weld them together or intertwined, it is quick and easy.
Certain compression bonded area is to ensure good contact and to ensure sufficient electrical pass. Waterproof junction box series designed for DIN rail installation of various components. Most of them reach IP67 (IEC-60529) or more high-grade protection standards, and has a high impact strength. ABSPA66 shell with engineering thermoplastics injection molding, indoor and outdoor use. most of the interior waterproof junction box (outer seal) are secured to the wall with a hole, the electrical wiring in the copper plate carried exceeds 36V– voltage exceeds 36V will hurt ; wiring board most of them over to IP67 grade protection standards, and has a high impact strength.
Dongguang Leader Technology Co., Ltd., with TUV, UL, CE, IP67 and other international certification,has increased the function of water-proof on the basis of the traditional junction box.

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