How To Select The Electrical Connector?


Proper selection and use of electrical connectors is an important aspect to ensure the reliability of the circuit.Generally,the electrical connector selection is as follows.

1.Electrical parameters required: connector is electromechanical components connected to electrical wiring. Therefore, the electrical parameters of the connector itself is the first consideration to choice connector.

2.Rated voltage and current rating: the same pressure indicators of aviation plug,depending on different use environment and safety requirements,it can be used to different maximum operating voltage.To limit the current rating, in fact,it must limit the internal temperature of electrical connector not to exceed the specified valueo of design.Pay attention to the problem when you choice:as for a multi-core electrical connector, the current rating must be derated.

3.Installation and configuration:the shape of aviation plug terminals is everchanging, users mainly select from the fixed straight, curved shape, the outer diameter of the wire or cable and the housing, the size, weight, whether to be connected to the metal hose,etc.Electrical connector on the panel would also be selected for use from the appearance, shape, color and so on.


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