Digital Voltage Protector Adjustable Over Under Voltage Protector

Cut-off Value Of Under Voltage Action: 170±5 V AC
Cut-off Value Of Over Voltage Action: 260~270 V AC
Overvoltage & Overcurrent Automatic Reclosing Protector
Automatically Restore Power When Power Returns To Normal
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LEADER® voltage protector is intelligent over voltage and over current automatic reclosing protector is a comprehensive intelligent protector that integrates over voltage protection. Under voltage protection, under voltage protection, over current protection. This product can immediately cut off the power supply to the product’s electrical equipment from being burned out in the event of a fault, over current fault, etc. When the circuit returns to normal, the protector will automatically restore power. Over voltage value, under voltage value, over current value. The delay value of this product can be set by yourself. The corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the actual situation of the user. It is widely used in occasions where the power system is unstable.

  • Cut-off value of overvoltage action: 260~270V AC
  • Recovery value of overvoltage: 245±5CVAC
  • Cut-off value of under voltage action: 170±5VAC
  • Recovery value of under voltage: 183±5VAC
  • Delay of power transmission after power failure: 1 ~ 3 minutes
  • Action delay time: 1 ~ 6 seconds
  • Power consumption:≤2W
  • electrical machinery life: ≥ 100,000 times


Specification Of Voltage Protector

Model numberLDVP1-63ARange of time delay1s-600s adjustable
(default 30s)
Rated voltageAC220V/50/HzPower consumption≤2W
Rated current1A-63A adjustable
(default 63A)
Electrical mechanical life≥5000 times
Over-voltage action
cut-off value
230V-300V adjustable
(default 280V)
Under-voltge action
cut-off value
210V-140v adjustable
(default 160V)
Operation temperature-50℃-50℃


Drawing Of Voltage Protector Types


Please download the datasheet : Voltage Protector


Production Processes of Cable Connector 

The intelligent and digital factory equipped in the Leader cable factory makes the whole process of production and inspection integrated, intelligent and digital. It eliminates the mistakes and defects in the original manual assembly of products by workers, and significantly improves the reliability of products. At the same time, it has complete inspection and testing equipment, and adopts digital intelligent image detection, laser detection and other detection technologies to ensure the quality of shipped products. The accuracy of automated production equipment can reach 0.002mm, and all products are 100% inspected and digitally marked.


 Standard Package Info:

Carton Dimension(cm)Pack listQTYGross weight(kg)
47cm × 28.5cm × 30.5cmVoltage Protector120pcs21.2kg


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