What are the FAQ of Waterproof Cable Connector?


You may have some questions about Waterproof Cable Connector, now you can get the answer here.

First, the electrical performance problems:

1, the contact is too large to engage overcast

2, the open

3, then angle INT

4, short-circuit

Cause Analysis:

Case 1-3:

These three are quite similar,but to varying degrees, causing such a phenomenon is usually due to the following aspects:1,design.2,the terminal modification(including transport and process).3,terminal shrapnel cracked at the time of press.Such problems are all waterproof connector is the most common problem, but also the customers most concerned about.

Case 4:

For short circuit problem, some factories to bias high voltage (500 V) manner interception defective products in the factory, causing this problem:
1, the design problem, 2, terminal deformation. This problem is easy to solve.

Second, the mechanical properties of the problem

1, plug NG (initial / after life test)

2, back PIN (with retention related)

3, the plastic break (process / product testing)

Cause Analysis:

1, in most cases with the design. Initial insertion force NG relatively easy to solve. After life test insertion force NG if the customer is demanding, more difficult to solve this problem.

2, designed to interfere with the amount of plastic material and relevant.

3, with product design / gating points / plastic material related.

Third, the client application issues

1, the board can not be

2, bad solder

Cause Analysis:

Case 1:

1) Product feet of rain NG

2) Customer Layout picture size with our recommendation is inconsistent

Case 2 (refuse welding, air welding, including welding)

1, causing plating problems

2, plating layer oxide

3, plating pollution

4, coplanar caused by poor air welding


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